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Create your own cold process soap recipes using these tips….

Coloring Soap
For those of you who want to add color to your soaps, but want to stay “natural”.more. 

Cold process soaps, even milk-based soaps, are not as difficult to craft as you might think. View our instructions page and see for yourself. 

Trouble finding a good recipe or formulation? Create your own recipes, based on available oils and a good lye calculator.

For soapmaking instructions, visit our 
Soapmaking page. For soapmaking oils and their properties, visit our 
Ingredients page.
Not only are clays used to add specific properties to soap, they make a quick and easy facial mask for the cleanest and softest skin you can imagine.

Crafting real soap bars in your kitchen offers a great deal of satisfaction for those who are looking for more natural alternatives to commercial “soaps”. 

We also feature goat milk soap recipes, ideas on packaging, wood soap mold instructions, and links to many soapmaking and other natural product suppliers.

Cold Process Soap Recipes 
Create your own Recipes based on the oils you have available on hand.  Our recipes are  always created “on the fly” depending on what we have available in our soap cabinet. The Ingredients Page offers descriptions of the most commonly used oils in cold process soapmaking. Once you determine that you have the ingredients you want, write them down and head for an online lye calculator. 

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Modern soapmaking methods and techniques have reduced the time it takes to craft cold-processed soaps to about an hour or less, with the exception of the time it takes to cure. This includes milk-based formulations, like goat’s milk. So, in the time it takes to prepare an evening meal, you can make enough soap to last your family an entire year. And, if you’re anything like other soapmakers, you will be compelled to share your products with extended family and friends. The benefits are undeniable. You will experiment with different oils and butters, colors, exfoliants and other useful additives, make soap for holidays and special occasions, perhaps sell your wares at craft shows or flea markets, and you will hand them out to everyone willing to try them. Before you know it, you will have requests for more. How neat is that?