Coloring Soap

For those of you who prefer to continue crafting all natural soaps, but want to add some color, there are natural ingredients you can use for “earthy” variations in color – from browns, greens, and yellows to reds, purples, and blues. Visit the site links below for more detailed information. There are also ingredients available online, including pigments and micas that offer more vivid colors and a wider variety to choose from.

We haven’t gotten to the stage of coloring soap beyond the usual variation of ingredients that will effect a slight difference in color (see above). For instance, adding goat milk, oatmeal and honey, herbal teas, infused oils, and dried herbs will cause the soaps to vary in color. 

We recommend the following site for information and as a supplier of colorants for soapmaking.

We also recommend visiting the following sites where types of colorants (including natural ones) are explained, so you can make a more informed choice.